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Accounting services in Russia

BBNP for many years renders accounting services to its foreign clients.
If there is need to outsource accounting company you can forget about book keeping problems.
All taxes, pensions, insurance fees and deductions would be paid in time and accordingly to the Russian legislation.
Additionally our lawyers would recommend you how to optimize taxes and expenses according to the Russian legislation.

BBNP offers book keeping services in Russia:

  • Zero reports

    After the compnay is registered there is need to file financial reports to the local tax office every quarter. It does not matter whether Russian company works active or holding in a sleeping mode there is need to file reports anyway.

  • Full administrative service

    Our standard accounting services include:

    • Bookkeeping with monthly update
    • Payroll services
    • Taxes calculation
    • Preparation of all fiscal payment orders
    • Preparation and filing of fiscal reports to the local tax authorities
    • Tax consulting support

You can also have International Tax Planning support

You can make an inquiry to find out more about your business support in Russia.
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