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Accounting support of Russian companies

We are able to provide you with our assistance in the field of accounting, tax and consulting issues.
We guarantee strict confidentiality of information transmitted to us in the course of providing services. This means that any material in written or electronic form, as well as oral information, will not be released outside of our company.
We render services to well-known foreign and Russian companies.
We offer professional bookkeeping for Russian companies and for companies with foreign investment; accounting for Rep offices and branches.

Accounting services provided by BBNP might be interested for

  • Companies which came or just planning to enter the Russian market
  • Companies which have an accountors as in-house
  • Companies which do not want to have problems with state bodies: customs, tax, migration and etc.
  • Companies established in Russia with foreign capital
  • Representative offices, branches and subsidiaries

    Our services include full accounting support:

  • Receipt and processing of the company primary accounting documents
  • Preparing and sending the entire set of accounting and tax reporting to the tax authorities, extra-budgetary funds and statistics
  • Recording of accounting transactions, tax accounting via 1C:accounting system (based on primary documentation)
  • Preparation of payment orders for tax deductions payments
  • Obtaining certificates and extracts from the state authorities: regarding absence of debts to the budget, proof of resident status, extract from the Register and etc.
  • Maintaining of personnel records: employees` hiring and dismissal, payroll, business trips, vacations

    Advantages of working with BBNP

      1. Accounts are securely stored in a specialized office
      2. An option to have access to the english language internat-bak at any time;
      3. Your interests will be represented in state authorities by our accountant and lawyers
      4. Prompt reply on questions in the fields of tax, customs, labour law
      5. Our lawyers will help to control a contract fulfilment with a counteragent
      6. Translation and notary certification of the documents, apostille

        Please contact us for any further questions.

        Phone: +74957853536
        Email: marked with "Accounting services"

        We will be happy to assist !

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