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International arbitration at a crossroads: is there a coming backlash?

Date: 18-04-2013
International arbitration has grown exponentially.
Has it become a victim of its own success?
Even as arbitration has expanded into areas of greater value, prominence and sensitivity, there have at the same time been calls to cut it back, restrict its permissible scope, disregard awards or subordinate them to national court judgments and generally limit its effect.
These issues, prominent in Russia, have arisen as well in jurisdictions well beyond the CIS region.

Will these initiatives constrain arbitration’s success? Should they?
How do they affect the actual practice of international arbitration in Russia, Europe and the rest of the world on key matters such as advocacy and admissibility of evidence?

The conference will explore whether and how international arbitration is at a crossroads and the divergent paths it may take.

BBNP lawyers will take part in that essential event.

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