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It takes a professional and qualified legal team, operational efficiency within the law firm, effective coordination with clients and their in-house counsel, as well as a determination to succeed in effectively addressing in a timely manner clients legal issues. Our team possesses all the components of this formula.


BBNP has a broad commercial practice primarily representing Russian and foreign companies in their business affairs in Russia, and in other CIS countries.

The firm`s extensive practice includes antimonopoly regulation, development of legal opinions for banking structures, M&A transactions, legal due diligence for a broad range of transactions, insolvency reorganizations of businesses as well as general corporate law issues. We also support companies of various legal forms (LLC, JSC, etc.) with equity participations by foreign companies. The firm has extensive experience helping new companies enter the Russian market.

BBNP has successfully represented clients in arbitration proceedings both in the Russian federation as well as foreign countries. The Russian arbitration venues have been the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Patent Disputes. BBNP has experience of litigation support in the following international forums: The International Chamber of Commerce (Paris), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and the American Arbitration Association (through its international arm, the ICDR).


We Work Transparently
No need to search for any other Russian lawyer, which can involve a lack of understanding of client requirements, receiving unreasonable bills for services, complications either holding the Russian firm responsible for errors or getting repayment of non-used advanced payments.

Cost saving.
Our firm offers flexible terms agreed upon at the outset of our relationship with each client.
We approach each client on an individual basis, assess the client's requirements reasonably, and issue invoices based on a scope of services actually rendered and results achieved.
Our outsourcing program.

Operational Efficiency.
Our lawyers work directly in the Russian city, district or province of relevance to the client, which helps us to be in the best position to know national (or local) nuances of legislation, dispute resolution practices and the general mentality of the local population. This permits us better to understand the needed mechanics of interaction with relevant local authorities, judges and lawyers; and hence legal tasks can be resolved both quickly and with high quality.


Our team consists of qualified Russian legal experts and support staff:

  • They are graduates of the best higher educational institutions in Russia.

  • All have a good command of English.

  • All employees know how to ensure mutual understanding with our various clients (transaction participants who operate in many different legal and cultural environments); and our employees have wide experience working on projects involving parties operating under different legal regimes.

  • Our lawyers follow changes in relevant Russian and foreign legislation and regularly attend legal seminars and conferences. Our lawyers also constantly improve their qualifications by attending specialized courses and doing internships in Russia and abroad.

  • We always strive for high performance since we understand the urgency of issues facing clients, and hence work very quickly.

  • We have a well-balanced organization with efficient internal processes. We avoid "corporate bureaucracy", which enables us to make decisions promptly.

  • Our lawyers have high professional qualifications and personal standards. We work as a united team where each member has the required knowledge, experience and range of contacts.

  • At the onset on an engagement, we conduct a reasonable assessment of risks in a proposed project or transaction and never give to clients unjustified or overly confident promises.


Over the long period of the firm`s operations, the lawyers of BBNP have developed very successful methods in Russia to resolve labor conflicts, to reach agreement on contract terms, to perform pretrial dispute resolution, litigation and issues of enforcement proceedings. Partnerships with reliable local law firms at the various regions of Russia and in the CIS allow us successfully and cost effectively to resolve disputes in Russia and abroad. We recognize difficulties that our foreign clients can face while interacting with Russian companies and thus we constantly strive to take into account the specific nature of local operations as well as local customs.


Partnership with the reliable local law firms located in the regions of Russia & CIS allow us to resolve disputes in Russia and abroad successfully.

Finally, our firm has recognized authority with Russian governmental institutions, with some of which we cooperate as consultants or advisors.

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