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Antitrust law

Relying on professional experience and knowledge of national legislation BBNP lawyers provide the following services to commercial entities in the area of antitrust law:

  • Legal advice regarding competition and antitrust activity
  • Analysis and drafting the documents (applications, notifications, appeals) for submission to Federal Antimonopoly Service and its local bodies: for the purposes of agreeing the conditions of the transaction;
  • in case of violations on commodity markets, financial markets; in case of disputes between subjects of natural monopolies.
  • Drafting documents for submission of necessary information to competent authorities of FAS
  • Disputing the decisions and orders of FAS in courts regarding:
  • Illegitimate accrual of penalty provisions;
  • Rejection of transactions;
  • Restriction of legal actions;
  • Compelling to legal actions.
  • Disputing the tender`s results
  • Assistance in resolving other issues occurring in this sphere

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