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BBNP lawyers in cooperation with group’s auditors provide the following services:

  • Corporate law:
    • registration of share purchase and sale agreements: advising on jurisdiction and optimal realization structure considering tax risks
    • “mandative” buyout of shares in accordance with the legislation
    • reorganization: merges, acquisitions, separations, divisions
    • legal advising on borrowed or advanced external financing
    • factoring transactions support
    • loan purchase and sale
    • legal and tax support on external financing
    • drafting documents for transactions: contracts, constituent documents, ioffering circular, etc.
    • structurization of loan refinancing (securitization) involving Russian or foreign emitter.

  • Taxation in financial sector:
    • analysis of bank’s financial activity for compliance with tax law, analysis of possibility of applying preferential tax treatment
    • uncovering mistakes, inaccuracies and risks in reports, during structuring of transactions, etc.
    • adjustment of documents in accordance with the tax law
    • analyzing and giving legal opinions concerning rightfulness of tax charges
    • tax planning

  • B&P lawyers represent banks in court on the following issues:
    • contestation of rulings and dispositions of tax authorities
    • debt collection, execution proceedings
    • refund (offsetting) of overpaid (over-recovered) taxes
    • withdrawing an attachment from operating accounts
    • collection of pledged property through bankruptcy proceedings
    • protection of shareholders from criminal prosecution
  • Legal advises on legislation of nearly every country including Europe, China, USA, Australia and other countries by client’s request.

    It is possible because of our unique regional network of carefully chosen partner legal firms and private attorneys. Moreover B&P is a representative of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) in Russia and we are proud to be among members of the American Bar Association (ABA). The Association involves more than 78 000 lawyers all over the world.

  • Counseling on financial market transaction documentation

    We provide clarifications concerning the appliance of Standard documentation for derivatives transactions (Russian ISDA) published in 2009

  • Securities
    • issue registration
    • support and registration of shares purchase and sale transactions
    • bond issue
    • advising on the matters of bill exchange
    • advising on the matters of entering MICEX and foreign exchanges, drafting of documents for IPO

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