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Copyright and related rights are the part of the intellectual property which touches every individual. Every one of us has at some time been an author (in any manner): some wrote poetry, some composed music, some made photographs and rarely thought that their creative initiative resulted in new items of intellectual property, and legal protection of such items is connected with many legal aspects.

Qualified lawyers of BBNP will provide legal advice on IP-related questions, act as the client's attorneys in negotiations with any person interested in use of the client's intellectual property item, draft any required license agreement and/or agreement on the alienation of the right, protect the client's exclusive property rights in extrajudicial proceedings and/or in court.

BBNP Copyright Legal Services

Drafting contracts. License agreements, commissioning contracts, agreements on alienation of the exclusive right in the field of copyright and related rights with Russian and foreign holders of rights.

Advice and opinions. Preparation of written legal opinions on proposed transactions of any level of complexity (including the so-called "odd transactions") as well as on already concluded transactions.

Legal support. Legal support of all stages of a transaction (negotiations with Russian and foreign partners, preparation and agreement of the terms of projects of any transaction, turnkey finalization of transactions).

Representation and protection. Claims work (preparation of claims, amicable agreements, complaints, statements of defense, explanations, motions, applications, requests, letters etc.). Representation and protection of the concerned holder of rights in arbitration courts, general jurisdiction courts of the Russian Federation and international arbitration tribunals.

Due diligence. Conduct of the procedure of formation of a fair presentation, comprehensive analysis and an independent assessment (due diligence) in respect of the authority or any person to use an item(s) of intellectual property protected under the laws of the Russian Federation. A comprehensive analysis and systematization of any detected infringements of a right (supported with separate interim opinions and sources of information), preparation of written recommendations as to further actions of the lawful holder of rights in case of unlawful use of the result of intellectual activity owned by them. Sports law. Legal support of transactions involving professional sports structures on the Russian and foreign market (football, hockey, basketball, individual sports). Advertisement. Legal services in the field of advertising activities, use of items of copyright and related rights in advertisements and show business; legal protection of creative projects.

Legal support in show business. Legal arrangement and support of activities of producers and authors/artists/performers, including those of musical bands (legal advice regarding the producer/performer relationship and other legal services).

Interaction with state authorities of the Russian Federation. Interaction with notarial agencies, customs authorities, authorities of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia and the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia regarding identification of infringing articles or unlawful use of intellectual property. Registration of intellectual property items in the Customs Register of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

Internet law. Legal support of Internet projects (Internet law).

Registration of items of copyright and related rights. Registration and deposit of items of copyright and related rights in collective rights management organizations (Russian Authors' Society, WIPO, Russian Union of Right-holders). Representation of clients and extensive interaction with said organizations.

Legal protection of non-property rights of the holder.

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