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Trademark registration

When launching a new business it is essential to search through already registered trademarks.

Please find our Firm & Rospatent state fees.

There is a possibility that trademark you are using has already been registered by someone else. It also possible that your product is not subject to legal protection at all. We recommend that you highly estimate your intellectual rights they become very valuable when being offended.

Lawyers of BBNP are highly experienced in successful registration of trademarks in Russia and abroad.

We can send you the price list for trademark registration service per your request via mail or telephone or by contacting us through the contacts section.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to call us. We are always willing to assist.

    We provide the following services in the IP area:

  • Searching through the registered documents and documents applied for registration of trademarks

  • Registering trademarks

  • International registration of trademarks

  • Patenting industrial designs

  • Patenting utility models

  • Registering databases and computer programs

  • Advising on trade secret (Know-How)

  • Trade secret dispute resolution

  • Drawing and registration of license agreements, alienation agreements (agreement of transaction of right)

  • Registration of items of intellectual property with custom register

  • Legal defense at the Chamber of Patent Disputes and in courts

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Head of Industrial Property practice

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