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Legal outsourcing

There is always an option what to choose: a lawyer in stuff or to outsource a law firm with an hourly fee basis or pay per project.
The both variants are possible. First option takes a social and legal liability: social deductions and taxes takes more than 40 % of gross salary. The second option warness is connected with a high fees of a law firms per hour with an unclear final budget.

If the both variants are not acceptable please be informed of our legal outsourcing proposal.

We suggest to pay the fix fee per month.

- Consulting on Russian law
- Drafting and Negotiating the contracts
- Litigation*
- Legal opinions, memorandums
- Other legal services per request*

*Depends on the business industry and scope of work

All the mentioned areas of legal services can cover current business needs.

You can contact us and together we find the best option for you.
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