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International business-planning. Offshores.

Business planning that involves different countries brings up certain issues to deal with, such as: tax planning, assets securitization, monitoring of political climate in particular state, organization of political structure, etc.

BBNP can assist in dealing with these issues.

Optimization of business structures is closely related to engaging companies registered in low-tax regions, so called “offshores”. Engaging offshore companies into a legal map of running business can help:

  • create efficient management structure;
  • protect invested capitals;
  • provide confidentiality of holding assets;
  • legally optimize tax expenses.
  • Modern methods of running business presume wide engagement of companies of various jurisdictions for better achievement of goals specified above. The fact that one corporate model can include companies registered in various parts of the world is conditioned upon the states’ severe competition in attracting investments (mainly foreign), in which each state offers certain advantages that make it look attractive for starting businesses. Combining advantages of various jurisdictions modern businesses can raise efficiency and reduce expenses.

    Building an optimal corporate structure usually requires a lot of time, organizational and financial resources and, which is most important, high professionalism. Having enough knowledge and experience in international tax planning and being partners with leading international consulting companies, B&P provides the following services:

    • registering and supporting foreign companies, creation of trusts and funds;
    • nominal service;
    • accounting (IAS, GAAP) and due diligence;
    • opening bank accounts in foreign banks;
    • full legal support of foreign companies’ activity.

    We are convinced that building efficient business structure is essential for any successful enterprise. BBNP will gladly assist you in matters of corporate construction.

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