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    Is It Legal for Employer to Require Mandatory Vaccination of Employee Against COVID-19?
    29 January 2021
    We are often contacted both by employees and employers asking the same question: whether it is legal for an employer to require employees to get vaccinated and whether employees can refuse, get a "medical exemption" from vaccination or otherwise avoid it? We have decided to clarify this issue.
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    Specifics of Member's Withdrawal from a Limited Liability Company
    24 November 2020
    Question at hand: A limited liability company has four founders; the company has been lying idle for a long time. Three out of four founders are ready to sell/give away their membership interest or withdraw from the company. However, the fourth founder does not show any interest and does not give feedback.
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    How to Properly Formalize Business with Partner to Avoid Conflicts
    02 November 2020
    In my practice, I often deal with shareholder disputes. How is it that most partnerships subsequently fail or at the very least the relationship between the partners become impaired? Let's try to understand why this happens and how it can be avoided.
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    Risks of Employers and Employees in Case of Transitioning Employees to Working from Home. Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. 97-UM of 06/10/2020
    09 October 2020
    Decree of the Mayor of Moscow raises questions in relation to the norms of labour law and legislation on the processing of personal data, and also creates risks for employees and especially for employers.
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    In Which Case Tender Can Be Run Again
    17 September 2020
    In which case can one hold different tenders for two identical items to be procured? I found two absolutely identical items to be purchased but under different numbers. One purchase was closed four days before opening the second one; in both cases, a sealed-bid auction was held. Question: how can this be explained and what are the options?
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    On Risks of Including the Provisions of Law in Contracts
    17 August 2020
    I often see mandatory rules of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in lease agreements. As practice shows, such references are fraught with more problems than solutions to controversial issues. This security is rather imaginary and overloads the contract. Why is that?