Labor & employment

Labor law issues arise in every company. It requires professional organization of personnel records, the process of hiring and dismissing employees, and timely legal assistance to minimize the consequences of court disputes and inspections by the prosecutor's office of labor inspectorates.

BBNP's lawyers have extensive experience in labor relations and minimizing the risks of dismissal and hiring. We look forward to promoting the safe and sustainable development of your business!

We provide the following services in the area of labor law:

  • restoration and maintenance of labor documentation and personnel records
  • maintaining personnel records of foreign workers and obtaining work permits
  • registration of admission and dismissal of employees
  • drafting labor contract for each position, implementing local company regulations and KPI
  • consultations and legal opinions

Labor disputes

  • supporting dismissal of conflicting employees. Dismissal of the CEO, their deputies and the Chief Accountant also has its own peculiarities.
  • court representation
  • preliminary consulting and legal opinions

Worth knowing. Risks faced by the employer when dismissing an employee on their own initiative:

  • judicial recognition of the dismissal as illegal, which entails the recovery of compensation for the entire period of illegal dismissal and reinstatement in the previously held position. Unlawful dismissal is also considered a criminal offense under the Russian law.
  • submission of a complaint by the employee to the labor inspectorate and the prosecutor's office regarding violations in the field of labor relations
  • when hiring an unscrupulous employee, there is possibility that important information to which the employee has access will be stolen and transferred to a competing company
  • pirating the employer’s clients into a new company
  • recovery of unpaid compensation upon recognition of the dismissal as legal. Often associated with KPI contracts