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Juliana Demesheva

Yuliana Demesheva, Ph.D. in Law

Juliana Demesheva
Profile: Administrative Law
Digital Law

Yuliana specialises in the field of the constitutional law of Russia and foreign countries, comparative law, administrative law, public administration and the functioning of the system of public authorities. Her main area of activity is analytics and research.

Her special area of activity is digital law, prospects and risks of law automation, computer-readable norms, automated or semi-automated systems for applying legal norms, and legal aspects of robotics development.

Yuliana mainly advises businesses on the issues of administrative legal relations, digital innovations and their regulation.


Yuliana graduated with honours from HSE (Higher School of Economics)
Ph.D. in Law

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR): Research of New Ways to Establish, Implement and Systematize Legal Norms Using Information Technologies (Computer-Readable and Self-Executable Norms)

Internship at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris

Teaches Administrative Law at HSE, National Research University in Moscow

Foreign Languages

English, French

Selective publications
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  • 2015 Features of the Formation of the Federal Government of Belgium. Voprosy Pravovedeniya (Law and Legal Issues), Russian scientific journal, Issue 4, p. 163-192.
  • 2015 Changing the Procedure for Revision of the Belgian Constitution. Voprosy Pravovedeniya, Russian scientific journal, Issue 2, p. 69-94.
  • 2014 The Belgian Legislative System and Its Transformation in the Framework of the Sixth State Reform. Comparative Constitutional Review Issue 2, p. 58-67.
  • 2013 The Belgian Legislature as a Phenomenon of the Seven-Chamber Parliament. Voprosy Pravovedeniya, Issue 2, p. 456–474.
  • 2012 Some Features of the Constitutional Development of Post-Soviet Estonia. The Fate of Constitutionalism in Russia and the Modern World: Works of Constitutional and Municipal Law Department. Issue 7, Moscow. HSE, National Research University, Yurist (Lawyer) Publishing House, p. 279-295. Demesheva, Yu.V., Mishina, E.A.
  • 2010 What Does It Feel Like to Be a Lawyer? Chapter “The Prestige of the Lawyer Profession in France and in Germany”; Afterword. Liberal Mission Foundation, Moscow. p. 58-77, 274-278.
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  • 2007 Legal Status of Migrants in France. Overcoming Bureaucratic Barriers in Migration and Traffic. Scientific report on the materials of project “Overcoming Bureaucratic Barriers in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”. INDEM Foundation, Moscow, p. 251-277.