Legal opinions

Lawyers of BBNP provide legal opinions and memorandums on the Russian, foreign and international legislation.

A legal opinion is an expert (professional) opinion of a lawyer (law firm) on the assessment and analysis of a problem; a situation for its compliance or non-compliance with applicable law, the legality or illegality of certain legal actions and the development of ways to solve possible problems.

For example, a legal opinion can be made on compliance of the contractual terms with the law, the legitimacy of the contract itself, the powers of the signatories. Or, for example, the legal basis for certain actions of government agencies or commercial structures can be reviewed and considered if there are doubts about their legitimacy. We prepare legal opinions on structuring the ownership schemes, transactions, etc.

A legal opinion requires a lawyer to analyze documents, know the laws and court practice, and, of course, have practical experience. Therefore, the opinion of a lawyer, expressed in the official legal opinion, can be used as a basis (recommendation) for taking or refraining from legal actions.

Preparation of a Legal Opinion is a very important process, because misinterpretation of the law by a lawyer can result in significant loss or harm to the client. Therefore, before taking any significant action, it is worth analyzing the situation and understanding the perspective and consequences of your actions.

The work is complicated if the legal opinion needs to be prepared on the matters of foreign law alone or in conjunction with Russian. Even if we can confidently give our opinion on foreign law, usually the English law, it will be illegitimate because according to most foreign laws only lawyers who have passed the relevant exam and have been accredited accordingly can provide legal advices. For this case we have an established network of foreign colleagues who can prepare their required expert opinion on the subject matter which we use in preparing the main document for our client.

We have prepared lots of opinions for the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Russian and foreign credit organizations, appraisal companies, audit firms, developers, and other business structures.

We have never received negative feedback since we work professionally and with an open mind. We are often recommended for creative suggestions on solving complex issues.