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INTAX EXPO is one of the world`s biggest conference and exhibition for practitioners in spheres of corporate finance, residence & citizenship, estate planning..
Company formation
in Russia

- Representative office
- Chapter, Branch
- Legal entity (OOO, ZAO, OAO)
- Business Address Lease
- Bank Account

Intellectual Property
in Russia

- Trademark registration
- License agreements Alienation
- Patent search & Patenting
- IP rights protection

Dispute Resolution
in Russia

- Litigation in commercial courts
- International Arbitration
- Pre-trial procedures

6th-7th of June, 2016
Conference and Exhibition
Accounting & Legal Support of Russian Companies
Zero reports & Standard activity
Legal outsourcing
Divorce & Inheritance in Russia
Wills & Probate
Partition of a property
Court protection
Prenuptial Agreements
Migration and Labour Russian law
Work permits & Visa
Residence permit
Hiring & Dismissal
Motivation programs
Corporate & M&A in Russia
Shareholders contracts
Securities issue
Business restructuring
Dispute resolution
Contracts & Due Diligence in Russia
Contracts: Drafting & Negotiation
Due Diligence: Contracts, Business
Legal Opinions on Russian Law
Sectors: Banking, Real Estate, Delivery, Tax, IP, Aviation, Custom, Pharmaceuticals.
Legal advising
BBNP lawyers opinion

Engagement of a foreign national as General Director of Russian Company
Engagement of a foreign national as General Director of Russian Company
A legal entity shall be deemed created upon the state registration thereof, that it, the day of entry of the respective record in the..
Recent Deals

BBNP to consult Teijin
BBNP lawyers to provide legal opinions, contracts analysis and IP legal consulting on Russian law...