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Happy New Year!

23 December 2020

Dear colleagues, partners, clients and friends,
We are glad that you were with us this year!

This year was an extremely difficult one, and not everyone was able to overcome the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost loved ones. It became clear to everyone how important it is to be there for their family and friends, especially in times of need. The pandemic has touched everyone, this is already an undeniable fact. In many areas of business irreversible changes began: layoffs, debts, bankruptcies.

We made lots of efforts to make our clients feel secure, precisely, to negotiate favorable terms in lease relations, supply contracts, to take active and prompt actions to change processes in the field of labor and personnel management, to defend the interests of both the employer and employees in labor disputes, to negotiate amicable settlement of disputes to achieve the most effective and favorable solutions to debt obligations.

These tasks on the coming 2021, unfortunately, are not going to disappear. The situation remains tense and complicated for business. An active phase of bankruptcies has started, where we are involved in rescuing our clients' accounts payable. Many companies have initiated bankruptcy proceedings, but we are pleased that our clients' businesses continue to be active.

Predicting or making promises in the current situation is extremely difficult. There is disturbing news every week.

However, we can only afford to promise one thing - the BBNP team will continue, in 2021, to defend the interests of our clients in courts, on the margins of negotiations, in investigative authorities, and all over the country.

We sincerely wish everyone good health and a happy New Year! May 2021 bring the "antidote" to all viruses, and may business begin to recover as quickly as possible.

Best regards,
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