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The Protocol of ratification of the Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Russian Federation for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with Respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital, signed in Moscow, will come into effect in January 2013.

Let us note, however, that there are both positive and negative aspects of it.
Taxation will change.
Copyright Department of BBNP announces official cooperation with Macmillan Books UK (part of Macmillan Publishers Ltd - the Macmillan Group). As a result of negotiations and, consequently, a transaction our new British partner was granted a right under simple (non-exclusive) license to use protected results of intellectual property in its print Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War and distribution thereof in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.
Government Resolution of the Russian Federation dd. 15 September 2011 No. 781 introduced changes into the Regulation on patent and other fees for the performance of legally significant acts related to patenting and registration of trademarks and service marks.
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